App Development by Branded Consultants

Branded has been producing high quality videos for brands across the region for over a decade.  Below is a small sample of our recent work.  Our in-house crew can produce videos for brand and product launches, commercial requirements, company profiles and more.  Speak to our team today if you have a requirement that you believe we can help you with.

Android Studio Development

Android Studio Development(for developing native apps for android like Map based application, Chatting Application, Facebook and Gmail Integration, Advertising Application with custom features.

Unity 3D Games

Unity 3D Games(for developing 2d , 3d games having graphics like any other game in mobile app stores. like Coins Collecting Game, Shooting Games , Actions or Adventure Games )

React Native

React Native(for developing react applications which is having a core functionality that Codes once and use the same code for Android and IOS application biuld )

Fire base

Fire base (is a third party service provider which help in creating database to store your data . and provide services modules to embed them in your mobile application)

Web to APP Conversion

Web to APP Conversion(the websites having there domain for advertising can also get all the features in mobile application)

Third Party API’S Integration

Third Party API’S Integration(allows you to interact with different service provider and use there functionality in you own apps , some are free, many are paid)

Back end Server Implementation

Back end Server Implementation ( Implementing your own server to store your app data in your own data bases and maintain the whole structure of the app in server )